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3 Patient Engagement Perks that Healthcare Providers Must Know

Posted by Philip Young on Thu, Oct 22, 2015 @ 11:10 AM

Patient engagement, a term highlighted by Meaningful Use Stage 2, is best described by the notion of doctors helping patients help themselves.  By actively engaging in their own health, patients are responsible for their own care between office visits.
There are numerous benefits to patient engagement:
A HealthcareITNews article cited the opinion of GetWellNetwork’s David Wright; patients who are cognizant of their health and their care are more likely to get and stay healthy.
The following are three top perks to strong patient engagement.  Do you notice any of these trends in your own patients?
1.)  Better Care AdherencePatientEngagementPerks
Engaged patients are more compliant and adherent.  This means taking their medications as prescribed and following self-care instructions as directed – improving medication adherence. With up to 80% of self-care medical mistakes blamed on poor doctor-patient communication, and therefore poor engagement, it’s a major safety risk.
2.)  Higher Patient Satisfaction
More patient engagement leads to higher patient satisfaction.  It’s one of the most important perks!  One healthcare provider leveraged technology for medicine education and received better post-care patient survey scores. The same was true for a different provider that used televisions in their waiting room to share information with patients.
3.)  More Efficient Medical Practice Operations
According to a Health Affairs policy briefing, patients that stay actively engaged with their own health experience lower costs.  This trickles-down to the operations of the medical provider.  For example, when patients understand their self-care instructions, they incur less remedial costs from complications.  Simply put, more engaged patients require less time and effort from office staff.
BONUS TIP:  Did you know that communication between the patient and healthcare provider is the catalyst to successful patient engagement? Medical practices that have implemented automated communication solutions can attest to increased efficiency and lower costs. See for yourself!
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