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3 Simple Ways to Increase Patient Engagement with Social Media

Posted by Philip Young on Thu, Aug 20, 2015 @ 11:08 AM

Many medical practices have increased their social media presence lately.  Not only does it provide great marketing opportunity, it also allows office staff to engage with patients in new ways.

In addition, patients are welcoming their healthcare providers on social media more than ever before.  According to Cardinal Web Solutions, a recent survey found that over 90% of millennials would trust health information on social media.

Is your medical practice maintaining a social media presence?

The following are three simple ways to increase patient engagement using social media:

1) Let everyone know you’re there.socialmediapresence
If your patients don’t know about your Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media page, they can’t connect with you!  Let your social media presence be known by including invitations on your website and in your office.  Some medical practices even promote their social media pages using links in other communication channels, such as icons in email templates.
2) Practice good thought-leadership.
Once your social media presence is established, don’t stop there.  Patients may be less likely to interact, and more likely to unfollow/unlike, if your social media page(s) appear inactive or stale.  Keep a recurring schedule so you don’t forget when to post new content.
3) Make sure your patients know you’re paying attention.
Be responsive to questions, comments, or concerns posted to your social media page(s). On Twitter, explore hashtags and weigh-in on conversations with other industry experts.  This could even allow you to collect valuable reviews and feedback that can be repurposed for testimonials.
Many medical practices find that the time spent on social media is well-worth their efforts.  However, proceed with caution! Due to HIPAA regulations, medical practices may only use social media as means of informational communication.  No patient-specific health information may be discussed.
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