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3 Tenant Safety Tips for Property Managers this Halloween

Posted by Sarah Autore on Thu, Oct 26, 2017 @ 10:10 AM

Halloween often brings fun and excitement into most homes, apartments, and neighborhoods – But it can also bring concerns of increased tenant safety risk to many property managers.

You don’t have to ban the festive celebration from your rental properties all together, but some advanced preparation will help you increase tenant safety and reduce the risk of property damage to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable Halloween.

Here are 3 areas property managers can focus on this Halloween season to ensure tenant safety:

1. Increase Tenant Safety by Preparing for Large Gatherings
Between trick or treating, costume parties, and spooky attractions – the foot traffic in most neighborhoods skyrockets on Halloween night, bringing additional tenant safety halloweenblogimage.jpgrisks. A little extra preparation will not only minimize risk at your property, but will also help increase tenant satisfaction. Ensure all areas of the property are well lit and pathways are cleared for trick-or-treaters. The risk of fires also increases on Halloween night, meaning you should check that all property units have functioning smoke detectors and fire alarms.

2. Increase Tenant Safety and Minimize Damage by Inspecting the Property
Inspecting your property areas before and after Halloween is an effective way to demonstrate your commitment to tenant safety. It also sends a message to tenants that they’ll be held accountable for any damage they cause to the property and surrounding areas. While instances of vandalism or theft may not necessarily be the fault of your renters, a property inspection will encourage them to be a little extra vigilant on Halloween night and hopefully improve tenant safety and minimize damage to their belongings and your property.

3. Increase Tenant Safety by Having Good Tenant Communication
Effective tenant communication is a must around Halloween. The best way to ensure tenant safety is to clearly communicate all rules, guidelines, and restrictions to your tenants prior to the holiday. Send a friendly reminder that outlines policies on parties and gatherings - including any curfews, parking restrictions, or noise ordinances. Clearly state any regulations regarding candles and use of open flames. And ensure that no confusion exists regarding use of shared or common areas within your property.

Preserve the festive nature of Halloween while promoting tenant safety and property regulations. Alert Solutions can help you automate tenant communication easily and effectively through email, voice, and SMS text messaging. To learn more, download our best practice guide today.

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