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3 Ways Going Paperless Can Save Your K-12 School Money

Posted by Nina Caliri on Tue, Nov 21, 2017 @ 10:11 AM

K-12 schools across the country have been feeling the effects of deep budget cuts that seem to get worse each school year.

Before cutting extracurricular programs, teacher salaries and educational field trips, k-12 schools should consider reducing an expense that is often times overlooked: paper and printing supplies.paperless.png

Of course, paper doesn’t seem costly on a daily basis, but over the course of a school year it can add up. For example, the average school with 100 teachers can use over 250,000 pieces of paper annually!

Doing the math, that adds up to $25,000 in paper costs and an additional $7,500 in printing. Imagine what your k-12 school could do with an extra $32,500! Here are 3 ways your k-12 school can go paperless and start saving money:

1. Submitting Homework Online
Students can submit their homework online. This places everyone’s assignments in one place and prevents teachers from accidentally misplacing a student's work. Plus, this limits a student’s excuses. They can no longer says they ran out of ink or paper – or the dog ate their homework!

2. Digitize Parent Communication
Sending home flyers and other paperwork with students isn’t the most reliable way to get important information to parents. School notification systems can help k-12 schools significantly save money and alleviate their paper use by communicating with parents via voice calls, email and SMS text messaging. All of which can be tracked to confirm parents are receiving the message!

3. Implement Paperless Report Cards
Between paper, printing and postage costs, sending home tens of thousands of report cards isn't cheap. Compounding the issue, not all mailed report cards make it to their destination. Plus, with digital access to report cards, parents stay informed of their child’s progress throughout the school year.  

Did You Know? Alert Solutions offers PowerSchool users the ability to send report cards home to parents electronically with its PDF Builder. This school is saving thousands of dollars with it!

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