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3 Ways Social Media Can Help Your Medical Practice

Posted by Philip Young on Thu, Jan 26, 2017 @ 11:01 AM

Medical practice managers and their providers are seeing the value of an active social media presence. For the healthcare industry as a whole, social media has become a powerful tool that brings many benefits.

From marketing to communication, profiles on mediums like Facebook and Twitter expand reach beyond a website alone.

Here are three ways social media can help your medical practice in 2017:

1. Engage Patients with Helpful and Relevant Content 
Patient engagement can be enriched by using social media.  Sharing medical resources and research findings can better educate patients to make more informed decisions with their health.  Thought-leadership is demonstrated by sharing new content from reputable sources.

2. Attract New Patients to Your Medical Practicemedicalsocialmedia.png
Social media is a powerful healthcare marketing tool that can attract new patients for full appointment schedules.  Ratings and reviews are shown directly on your Facebook profile for potential patients to see.  Although the cost of attracting new patients is higher than retaining existing patients, social media is a great way to do so.

3. Improve Patient Communication
Social media is a great opportunity to improve patient communication - just be cautious.  No patient-specific health information may be communicated.  Responsiveness is essential for improving patient communication on social media; Reply to timeline posts or direct messages in a timely manner to let patient’s know you’re paying attention.

Did you know?  90% of millennials said they would trust health information shared by others in their social media networks.

In addition to social media, a multi-channel patient communication strategy is ideal for every medical practice.

Download our Guide to Patient Communication to read more tips and tricks.

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