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3 Ways Your Property Management Office Can ‘Go Green’

Posted by Philip Young on Thu, May 05, 2016 @ 11:05 AM

Some property management offices are buried in paper.  Others are buckling under the stress of high energy bills. 

Regardless, now is a great time to make efforts toward “going green” in and around your property management office. The following can help get you started:

1. Cut down on paper usage.paperless.png
Lease renewals, rent payment receipts, legal documents; it all adds up!  According to, more and more property management offices are finding that the key to organization lies in a paperless office.  For starters, cut down on paper usage.  This could be as simple as not printing emails.

2. Digitize your tenant communication.
Digitizing your tenant communication prevents you from printing documents and spending money on postage.  It’s also preferred by the majority of tenants!  Implement a multi-channel notification system and keep in touch with tenants in the ways they most prefer.  Another benefit to keep in mind – digital tenant communication makes it easier to keep records of all the dialogue that occurs between you and your tenants.

3. Instill energy-saving initiatives among tenants, staff and contractors.
You can’t accomplish this on your own - make sure everyone on and around your property knows about your efforts to ‘go green’.  Start by letting tenants, staff and contractors know where recycling bins are.  Have contractors install energy-efficient lighting or have them recommend more ways to cut down on energy consumption.  

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