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4 Key School Communication Channels and Why You Should Use Them in 2018

Posted by Nina Caliri on Tue, Dec 19, 2017 @ 12:12 PM

Good communication is at the heart of any k-12 school. Improving school communication and parent involvement is also a common ‘New Years Resolution’ for most k-12 school administrators.

With technology expanding each year, the difficulty is finding which school communication channels to use when reaching out to parents and school community members.

Here are a few of the most popular options:


1. K-12 School Websites
A website is an important tool for school districts. A good school website is accessible via mobile devices and easily shows all updates of school communication that is being shared. Many school notifications systems will offer RSS feeds that easily share important parent alerts to any school website.

2. Email
Many people think email is outdated – but it is still a key school communication channel. Most parents have email accounts, and it allows k-12 schools to provide many different types of information. From regular text-based email messages to fancy HTML school newsletters, email offers a range of options for k-12 schools. Plus, sending information electronically helps schools go paperless!

3. Social Media
Popular social media websites like Facebook and Twitter are key school communication channels. Social media is an excellent way for a k-12 school or district to share information rapidly with parents, students, staff members and the entire school community. It’s free for k-12 schools to create most social media pages.

4. School Notifications and Alerts
Critical emergency notifications and important alerts need to be communicated using an effective school communication system – preferably one that uses parent-preferred communication channels like voice, email and SMS text messaging. Better yet, find a school notification system that offers a way for parents to manage their communication preferences via a parent portal. This will drastically improve message deliverability.

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