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4 Ways K-12 Schools Can Start Using Social Media

Posted by Nina Caliri on Tue, Apr 26, 2016 @ 11:04 AM

With more than 75% of the US population owning a social media profile, many schools are using Facebook and Twitter to interact with parents, staff, and even students in the classroom!

From professional development and parent engagement to providing real-world examples of mathematics, it’s time to make the best of social media. It can really be a valuable resource for education.

Here are some of the top ways school administrators are using social media: 

1. In The Classroomemailsocialmobile.jpg
Social media is being seen more and more as a tool for K-12 classrooms.  From research to field trips, teachers are using social media and technology in order to boost teacher collaboration and proactively strengthen student’s digital skills.

2. General Parent Communication
Social media is an excellent way for a k-12 school or district to share information rapidly with students, families and staff members. If a k-12 school keeps the information updated and accurate, students and families will come to rely on the school’s Facebook and Twitter page as a resource.

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3. Professional Development
School administrators are becoming increasingly reliant on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with trends and e-learning tools. When tools and trends go viral, they are more likely to share it with staff members and use them with students. Subscribing to popular education blogs is also a great way school administrators can stay up-to-date with the latest ed-tech news.

4. Promoting School Pride
Is your school hosting a homecoming game on Friday? Did a student win a scholarly award? Let your followers know on Facebook  and Twitter. These updates will create a brand for your school and demonstrate how your school cares about the students and staff. You can even create a Facebook page for your mascot to encourage school spirit!


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