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5 Tenant Communication Methods for Your Property

Posted by Sarah Autore on Thu, Jul 06, 2017 @ 12:07 PM

Effective tenant communication builds good relationships and increases tenant retention rates. Simply put - good tenant communication has a direct impact on your success as a property manager.

Tenant communication preferences  vary, and as a property manager, it’s vital that you have the flexibility to respond accordingly. Here are the 5 tenant communication channels that will help you communicate with tenants effectively:

1. In-Person Tenant Communication
While in-person tenant communication is no longer the majority preference, it is still a necessary communication method for certain tenant situations. In-person communication is especially beneficial when dealing with complicated tenant matters that require more attention. Digital tenant communication methods are relied upon for their convenience, but they can never completely replace the effect of in-person communication.


2. Email
Email has rapidly replaced many forms of written and in-person communication, and for good reason. Residents appreciate email communication because they can read and respond at a time that is convenient for them. Property managers value email communication because it allows them to share large amounts of information with all tenants quickly and efficiently. Upcoming events, monthly newsletters, or policy changes are all examples of tenant communication best sent through email.

3. SMS Text Messaging
Especially for younger demographics, SMS text messaging is growing considerably in popularity. Property managers should consider utilizing SMS text messages when they need to communicate a small amount of information quickly. Weather-related alerts, parking notifications, or tenant safety notices are all examples of tenant communication needs that can be met by SMS text messaging.

4. Social Media
Don’t underestimate this newer method of tenant communication - it has many benefits to you as a property manager. While it shouldn’t be your main method of tenant communication, social media websites like Facebook and Twitter are a great way to remind your tenants of upcoming events or deadlines. It’s also a great place to publish community news and events. Bonus: Having a cohesive social media presence will also help promote your property to prospective tenants!

5. All of the Above
Tenant communication is not one size fits all, and your advantage as a property manager lies in having the flexibility to communicate in the most appropriate and preferred method at a given time. Allow these different types of tenant communication methods to work together, increase tenant satisfaction, and ultimately - keep your property full and generating revenue.

Alert Solutions helps property managers provide personalized tenant communications instantly via multiple communication channels. Download our tenant communication best practice guide to learn how you can increase tenant communication and market to prospective tenants.

Tenant Communication Guide 

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