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Achieving Patient Engagement with the Young Adult Demographic

Posted by Sarah Autore on Thu, Aug 10, 2017 @ 11:08 AM

By now, medical practices are well aware that increased patient engagement leads to better patient satisfaction and patient outcomes. To best engage all patients, not to mention attract new ones, medical practices must not assume all patients are alike. One patient demographic often less considered is that of young adults, those aged 18 - 34.

Research has shown that common doctor-patient engagement models don’t resonate the same with this younger audience. If your medical practice is looking to improve patient engagement with your young adult demographic, consider these 4 strategies to reach them more effectively.

1. Connect on Social Mediayoungadults.jpg
It’s no surprise that this younger population uses
social media more than any other. According to a recent survey, over 90% of millennials trust health information on social media. With the average person spending over 2 hours a day (and growing) on social platforms, it’s a good place to share quick and relevant information and build a sense of trust with younger patients.

2. Offer Online Appointment Scheduling
Young adults tend to be more comfortable using technology than older age groups. In fact, they prefer it. Several studies have also determined that the use of digital tools makes younger patients much more engaged in their overall health.

3. Send Appointment Reminders via SMS Text Messaging
Automated SMS text message appointment reminders are great for increasing patient engagement with all demographics, especially young adults. The average young adult sends close to 100 text messages a day, which means this is an area your medical practice can’t afford to miss out on.

4. Don’t Forget to Personalize
As a primarily digital population, young adults are accustomed to information that has been personalized through a lifetime of technological advances. Having a patient notification system that allows you to personalize patient communications by merging in specific patient information will go a long way with this age group.

While it may sound cliche, your young adult patients are quite literally your future. Making an effort to achieve good patient engagement with them now will ensure continued patient satisfaction as they age.

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