Integrated Patient Appointment Reminders for AllScripts™ Users

Implementing an effective patient communication solution helps medical practices reduce no-show rates, increase patient engagement and improve overall patient health.

Alert Solutions provides Allscripts™ Professional EHR users with the ability to send appointment reminders to patients automatically! Additional features include:

Allscripts™ Integration
Integration ensures patient contact information is up-to-date and accessible in real time for optimized message delivery.

Automated Message Delivery
Patient reminders are automated from your within your Allscripts™ application, eliminating data syncs.

Automated Message Personalization
Personalize messages by automatically merging patient data like first name, appointment date and time, and office location. 'Phonetic swap’ technology ensures accurate pronunciation. 

Instant Confirmations 
Allow patients to press a key on their phone to confirm an appointment or reschedule.
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