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Avoid the Email Spam Trap: Don’t Include These Words in Your Subject Line

Posted by Philip Young on Thu, Oct 15, 2015 @ 13:10 PM

Your email marketing campaign’s subject line, though maybe just a few words, is very important. So important, that it not only helps get your email marketing campaigns opened, but also helps get them delivered in the first place.

Email spam filters are what draw the bridge between subject lines and successful email deliverability. Just one word or phrase to trigger the spam filter, and your email marketing campaign may never reach its intended recipient.

HubSpot has helpfully shared their list of keywords that may trigger email spam filters. Here is just a small sampling of words and phrases to avoid:EmailSpamTrap

Financial: Cheap, Debt, Discount, Income, Insurance, Money, Price

General: Freedom, Hidden, Password, Sample

Marketing: Click, Form, Marketing, Performance, Sale(s), Subscribe

Email spam filters can also be triggered by multiple-word phrases. Some examples are, “month trial offer” and “get out of debt”.

QUESTION: Do email spam filters scan the content of the email body too?

ANSWER: YES! Filters scan both the subject line and body of the email for words or phrases that could deem the email as spam.

As a reminder, subject lines are just one part of your email marketing campaign’s successful deliverability. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are increasingly reliant on an email sender’s reputation, which is based on the following five factors:

1. Volume
2. “Hard Bounce” Rate
3. Spam Filter Hits
4. Complaint Rates
5. Authentication

To see the full list of spam filter triggers from HubSpot, click here. It’s a good resource to have next time you’re crafting a subject line!

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