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Multi-Channel Messaging: What Communication Channels Does Your Audience Prefer?

Posted by Cassie Breen on Wed, Jul 17, 2013 @ 16:07 PM

With the growing use of electronic devices, multi-channel messaging has expanded through a variety of mediums.  Mobile, SMS text messaging, email and social media are just some of consumers’ preferred communication methods.  The preferred method of communication might also change for a consumer depending on the message being sent.  For example, a consumer may prefer to receive certain messages via email, and others via SMS text messaging. 

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A recent industry study shows how consumers use a variety of messaging channels:

- 80% of online consumers check email at least once per day

- 61% of Twitter users check their feed once per day

- 25% of online consumers between ages 18-34 have made a purchase via Facebook messages.

Sending messages through multiple preferred communication channels can increase the odds your messages will be read.  Through proper planning, setting goals and effectively analyzing the results of your campaigns, you can ensure relevant and timely multi-channel communication.

1.)    Create Goals – This will allow you to better gauge results and properly plan future campaigns.  What are you trying to accomplish through your campaign?Here are three keys to effective multi-channel communication:

2.)    Understand You Audience – Understand your target audience’s needs and communication preferences.  What communication channels do they prefer?  Under what circumstances?

3.)    Evaluation – Evaluating your campaigns will help you to continue communicating through only the most effective communication channels.  What channels is your target audience receiving your message through?  What communication channels are receiving the greatest response, open rates, etc.?

For more multi-channel messaging tips and tricks, download our Guide to Multi-Channel Trigger Campaigns today!

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