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Minimize Email Marketing Campaign Unsubscribes With These Five Easy Steps

Posted by Cassie Breen on Wed, Jul 31, 2013 @ 15:07 PM

Over a period of time, it is expected some email subscribers will unsubscribe from your email marketing campaigns.  Even though you may make a valiant effort to keep them, it is part of the email marketing campaign cycle.  Ultimately, the email subscriber is in control of whether or not they receive messages, and the best email marketing campaigns allow email subscribers to set their communication preferences to better accommodate their needs.

So, accepting unsubscribes as part of the process is really the first step in deterring unsubscribes.  If you allow email subscribers the two elements of choice and control you will improve your email marketing campaign results and the email subscriber’s overall experience.

Here are the five specific steps to heighten your email subscribers’ experience and to mitigate unsubscribes:receivingemail resized 600

1.)    Offer an “Opt-Down” Option:  An “opt-down” option allows email subscribers to reduce email frequency rather than completely leave the list.  At times, email subscribers will be greatly interested in a product or service, such as before making a purchase decision, and at other times may just be interested in staying updated.  This allows consumers to receive email marketing campaigns on a frequency based on their needs.

2.)    Provide Category-Specific Selections:  Allowing an “opt-down” option in frequency is one way email subscribers can tailor their email marketing campaigns.  It can also be helpful to deter unsubscribes by offering options for what type of messages the email subscriber will receive.  For example, the can chose to receive only promotional emails or only survey emails.

3.)    Include an Email Address Change Function:  Email subscribers may still want to receive your email marketing campaign, but no longer wish to receive it to the email address on file. Allow them to change or update their email address rather than having to unsubscribe. 

4.)    Consider Message Format Choices:  Email marketing campaigns now reach subscribers on numerous devices.  Many subscribers use mobile phones or tablets to check email.  Ensure your messages are read clearly once received on any device.  If the format of the email makes it illegible for an email subscriber, they may choose to unsubscribe.

5.)    Communicate Beyond Email:  If a customer or email subscriber no longer wishes to receive email marketing campaigns from you, don’t count them out!  Keep in contact using other communication methods such as SMS text messaging campaigns and social media.

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