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Four Email Marketing Campaign Commandments to Follow

Posted by Nina Russo on Fri, Aug 30, 2013 @ 11:08 AM

Today, email marketing is an imperative part of a company’s marketing strategy.  With a successful email marketing campaign, companies can reach hundreds of thousands of people in minutes with their message. 

There are, however, many challenges to creating an effective email marketing campaign.  From open rates to click-through rates, companies have to keep multiple parts in mind when developing their email marketing strategy.  Tom Monaghan, HubSpot’s Email Product Manager, has provided the following four email marketing commandments in a recent article:

1.)    Thou Shalt Remember the Third Grade

Although there are many parts of third grade that we might remember (good and bad), this commandment refers to the part of third grade when students learn how to write a letter.  This basic letter includes three parts: a salutation, a body and a closing.  Many email marketers have seemingly forgotten this simple, standard format.  Also, although we are not discussing hand-written letters as a marketing option, Monaghan suggests you keep this type of personalization in mind when writing email marketing campaigns.

2.)    Thou Shalt Respect One’s Recipients

All email marketers’ goals include being at the top of their customers’ inboxes.  In all reality, they are usually not their customers’ number one priority.  Customers have a life, so typically their inboxes are filled with both personal and work emails, topping whatever message you are sending.  So, email marketing campaigns need to be relevant.<< Download our “Relevance and the Recipient Best Practice Guide” to learn more about the value of relevance. >>

3.)    Thou Shalt Care About Engagement – A lotEmail Marketing Campaigns

Although open and click through rates are important, Monaghan explains that replies should be a main focus of companies’ email marketing campaigns.  Replies tell email systems and spam systems the recipient has a relationship and is engaged in the message.

4.)    Thou Shalt Send Less Email

Email marketing is not about quantity, but quality.  The message in an email marketing campaign should be personalized and specific.  One email marketing campaign that pertains to the recipient is much more effective than 100 emails that do not carry any relevance.

Ensure your email marketing campaigns are relevant to your recipients and download Alert Solutions' Personalization and Segmentation Best Practice Kit today!

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