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Building Brand Marketing Through Customer Rituals

Posted by Cassie Breen on Thu, Jan 02, 2014 @ 13:01 PM

Many customers go through their day-to-day by utilizing a series of habits and rituals.  As a business, it is important to become a part of these daily rituals in order to build your brand.  By placing your brand in a customer’s routine, customer loyalty will be installed.

Marsha Lindsey, CEO of the brand strategy firm Stones & Briggs explains, “Much of our daily behavior is habituated, so a business’s job is to break—or break into—customers' habits and rituals.  How businesses do that often lies in connecting with a customer's subconscious.”CustomerRoutine

Understanding a customer’s needs and daily ritual is a large part of having a successful marketing campaign.  By allowing the customer the view your brand as a part of their daily ritual and something that will make their daily routine easier, the customer’s subconscious will connect with the brand. 

Here are two examples of companies who have successfully built a brand through customers’ rituals:

1.        KFC - KFC created a container for chicken nuggets that fits into a cup holder to reach the segment of “on-the-go” customers. It's a simple way to become a part of a customer’s daily ritual.

2.       Amazon - One-click purchase is masterful in this regard because it makes purchasing undemanding and simplified.  The tougher you make it to complete a purchase the less likely customers will complete it. Amazon creates customer engagement through this simplified process which can be easily placed into a customer’s daily routine or become a ritual.

In order to create optimal brand marketing, businesses must understand their customers.  By gathering data about their customer they can create a greater brand strategy that is customized to the targeted audience.  Ensuring your brand strategy is engaging to the targeted audience is imperative in building your brand into customers’ daily rituals.

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