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Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns: Expand your Reach with Social Media

Posted by Nina Russo on Thu, May 08, 2014 @ 16:05 PM

Businesses utilize various forms of communication for marketing campaigns.  Multi-channel marketing plays a large part in reaching the largest audience possibly through preferred communication channels of email, voice and SMS text messaging.

multiIn recent years, social media has become a great additive to these multi-channel marketing campaigns.  Not only is social media an additional channel to expose the original marketing message, but it can also be used as the icing on the cake, so to speak.

A marketing campaign can now be used in conjunction with social media.  For example, an email marketing campaign for a product that then offers a coupon if you ’Like’ the Facebook page.  Or Domino’s television commercial that promote a “Big Night In” which has become a hashtag trend on Twitter.

This allows for the original campaign to be seen by an audience who then can share the offer or trend with their social media peers.  Although a consumer may not have seen the original campaign, they may become aware of the brand, product or promotion through social media.  A Twitter user may have a friend who posts about their #BigNightIn.  They may decide to ask their friend what their big night in is, or what that refers to, leading to the explanation of the Dominos television campaign.

Alert Solutions offers businesses the opportunity to create a compelling multi-channel marketing campaign that can also be broadcasted across social media networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.  You can reach a larger target audience, quickly and reliably.

By adding a Twitter hashtag, Facebook offer or any other connection to social media you can “ice” your multi-channel marketing campaign and expand the reach of your multi-channel marketing campaign.

How do youintegrate your multi-channel marketing campaigns to social media?  Share your thoughts on our blog.

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