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Voice Broadcasting Campaigns Can Help Increase Your Bottom Line

Posted by Nina Russo on Tue, Apr 12, 2011 @ 13:04 PM

Often overshadowed by other marketing channels, recent studies have shown that voice broadcasting campaigns may yield a response rate up to three times higher than that of email marketing campaigns or direct mail.  What does this mean for marketers today? 

Voice broadcasting is not dead, and diversificationVoice Broadcasting Campaigns Higher Response Rates with a multi-channel messaging approach is indeed the surest way to reach your audience.

Why are consumers so receptive to automated voice calls?  Let’s consider the benefits of voice broadcasting campaigns

First of all, it’s hard to ignore. 

Recipients can easily delete an email marketing campaign without opening it, or throw away a piece of mail.  By receiving a personalized, highly targeted, and relevant voice call, recipients are likely to be more receptive and open to the message, whether delivered live or via voicemail.

Voice broadcasting campaigns are very consistent.

...especially compared to telemarketing or cold calling.  With little variation, consumers are more likely to take your message seriously.  Voice campaigns can even be configured differently depending on how the call is answered.

Voice broadcasting campaigns can help your marketing efforts with targeted voice calls your recipients will not ignore. 

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