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Voice Broadcasting Tips for Lead Generation

Posted by Nina Russo on Mon, May 02, 2011 @ 13:05 PM

Lead generation is always a challenge, but voice broadcasting provides a unique type of lead generation that gets prospects calling you instead of you making cold calls.

A voice broadcasting system empowers you to phone thousands of potential customers within moments without speaking directly to the recipient. It is the preferred method of many successful businesses to generate leads by phone.

Voice broadcasting can be quite effective for you as well if you follow some important tips below:

A Targeted List

Define who you are targeting. The goal is to call people or businesses that have a good chance of being interested in your product, service, or the information you are about to provide.

Pick the Right Tool

Choose a voice broadcasting service that allows you to send your broadcast to a live person or answering machines and has features that allow your target to interact; for example: press 1 live answer transfer will allow them to speak with someone live once they press 1.

Correct Timing

The timing of your voice broadcast depends on whether you want to reach a live person or an answering machine. Experiment a little as small changes mean big differences in success or failure.

The Right Caller ID

Many people check the caller ID before they answer. You will get more answers with a nondescript caller ID or you can use our calling ID which has been very well received.

The Right Voice

When you record your voice message, we suggest a friendly, relaxed tone. Make your calls sound conversational.

The Right Message

Your voice broadcasting message should be less than 60 seconds, ideally between 30-40 seconds. It should get their attention in the first 2 or 3 seconds by addressing your target correctly. End with something like, “to speak with me personally, press 1 now.”

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