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Email Management 101 – When is the Best Time to Send Your Emails?

Posted by Nina Russo on Wed, May 04, 2011 @ 11:05 AM

Many email marketers overlook the importance ofOptimal Send Time for Email Management send time when the are managing their email marketing campaigns.  Sending your email marketing campaigns at the right time could mean the difference between recipients reading them or ignoring them.

Naturally, managing email send times depend on your audience.  Although there are no known specific time frames to follow, B2B email marketers would best find their email campaigns received during midweek business hours. 

B2B email marketers should avoid sending email campaigns on Monday’s or Friday’s.  Studies have show Monday’s are generally spent catching up on tasks from the week prior, while Friday is more of a lackadaisical day.

B2C email marketers should note the hours between 5 and 9 pm during weekdays as their designated time slot, with anytime during the weekend being preferable. 

Because consumers are more likely to be on the Internet over the weekend, there is a higher likelihood that B2C email marketing campaigns will be read. 

Don’t forget the geographic location of your email recipients!  Strategically dripping your email marketing campaigns based upon timezone can surely improve your open rates.

What send time has resulted in the best performance of your email marketing campaigns?  Share your experiences with us on the Alert Solutions Blog! 

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