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5 Powerful Ways to Segment Your Audience and Generate Better Results

Posted by Nina Russo on Thu, Jul 21, 2011 @ 09:07 AM

The “Spray and Pray” email marketing campaign is history. Today, your clients and prospects are inundated with messages across all media.

This constant communication has driven consumers to become more sophisticated in filtering their inbox for information they want. This makes it harder for marketers to get their offers and messages heard.Audience Segmentation for Email Marketing

Intelligent online marketers know that there is a powerful technique to reach the right people with the right message at the right time. The technique is audience segmentation.

Segmenting your audience can provide an endless amount of information that can help you increase your response rates, convert more prospects to sales and generate repeat or higher value sales.

The following are five powerful ways in which you can segment your audience to generate greater email marketing campaign results and ROI.

Vertical Markets
Each vertical market has its own specific needs and requirements. Reach out to them with targeted email marketing messages that speak directly to their needs and pain points.

Shopping Cart Abandonment
Identify prospects who abandoned their shopping cart just before they hit “Submit”. Follow up with an email message that offers them a discount on items that were in their shopping cart.

Order Value
Indentify the segment of your audience that has spent the most per sale or in their overall order history. If targeted correctly, this segment holds great potential for significant amount of additional sales.

Winter in Vermont is very different than winter in Florida. Offering products or services that are specific to the needs of a geographic area can increase your email click-through rates and conversions.

Repeat Email Opens
Engaged subscribers are ripe targets. Test new email marketing campaigns on them to determine what offers work best and optimize future campaigns from there.

Identifying audience segments and targeting those segments with the right messages and offers will increase email marketing relevance.

Increased relevance improves email delivery rates, opens and clicks, and increases ROI and revenue. Put the power of segmentation to work today and see results in no time.

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