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Study: 90% of SMS Text Messages Are Read Within Minutes of Delivery

Posted by Nina Russo on Wed, Sep 21, 2011 @ 15:09 PM

According to Juniper Research, 97% of SMS text messages are read by the cell phone owner…and 90% of those SMS text messages are read in the first 4-6 minutes of delivery!

Using SMS text messaging to stay in contact with clients and prospects allows businesses to take advantage of the convenience and popularity of this technology.

Knowing the benefits of SMS text messaging can help you better utilize this communication channel to grow your business.  Here are just a few:

Cost of SMS Text MessagesSMS text messaging
An SMS text message costs less than a stamp, and even sending SMS text messages to many people costs less than producing a television or radio advertisement or creating a billboard.

Create SMS Messages in Minutes
Creating your SMS text marketing message takes only a few minutes instead of weeks or months to prepare. Text messages are short due to the character limitations and SMS marketing is also more time-efficient than traditional advertising methods.

Control SMS Text Message Arrival Parameters
SMS text messages are just about instantaneous to transmit, a distinct advantage, and the limit to size means that they may get opened more quickly.

Target Your Audience More Effectively
Using an opt-in SMS marketing method assures you of the interest of your message recipients, cutting down on your payments to spread the word to people who aren’t interested. You can spend more time on crafting your message.

SMS Text Messages are Trackable
You can track your SMS text message campaigns to evaluate many different analytics such as how many people clicked on any hyperlink within your message and/or how many people viewed your message. This is a very valuable asset that cannot be done with TV, newspaper, or radio ads.

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