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Reengaging with Your Email Marketing List – 5 Helpful Tips

Posted by Nina Russo on Tue, Sep 27, 2011 @ 16:09 PM

No matter how successful an email marketing campaign is, Reengage with your Email Marketing Listover time, all email campaigns will have audience members who will no longer want to interact with your brand.

Research suggests up to 60 percent of an email marketing list can become inactive after 6 months.According to Marketing Sherpa, the main reason for this high churn rate is due to lack of relevance and high frequency.

What do you do? Do you stop sending to the truly disengaged.  The answer is no. Here are 5 helpful tips to create a successful reengagement email marketing campaign:

1. The first issue to deal with is who to actually reactivate. Complete a recency-frequency analysis to view a clear drop in opens and clicks to better understand which groups have disengaged vs. groups that have never engaged.

2. Stop sending regular email marketing campaigns to the reactivation segment you have selected. In this way it will be clear that if these audience members do start to respond it is due to re-engagement activity.

3. Unfortunately there are no concrete rules for getting a particular population to re-engage. This will require you to test various techniques to see what works for you. Promotions, giveaways and surveys are all useful email marketing campaigns.

4. Keep your goals in mind regarding your email marketing campaigns. Typically, 5 percent reactivation is a good result.

5. Email marketing lists need some time off. For example, segment a group of audience members that have not clicked on an email campaign in 1 month and don’t send them anything for 2 weeks.

Email addresses are a very valuable asset to your business. You spent a lot of time and money collecting, opting in, building engagement and creating relevance.

Putting in the extra effort of creating and implementing a reengagement email marketing campaign is worth it for your business and your audience.

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