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Practical Tips to Improve Email Deliverability and Inbox Placement

Posted by Nina Russo on Mon, Oct 17, 2011 @ 15:10 PM

In an email deliverability study published by ReturnPath, it was discovered that only 81 percent of messages actually reach the inbox sent by commercial email senders. This means that approximately 20 percent either land in the spam folder or go missing all together.

This study also concluded that inbox placement remains a challenge for email marketers across the globe. ReturnPath also revealed that B2B messages have a slight disadvantage over B2C messages.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a scientific formula for reaching the inbox of your target audience, because email providers utilize many factors to determine how they handle incoming messages.

However, there are practical tips that will help your email marketing campaign appear in the inbox more frequently than your competitors. Here are just a few:

1. Use Reputable Domains for LinksImproving Email Deliverability
If your email marketing campaigns contains untrusted links, it may result in being flagged by spam filters and placed in the junk folder.

2. Segment Your List
You don’t need to send to everyone on your list every time. Segmenting your list enables you to send more targeted email marketing campaigns people who are truly interested, increasing response rates easily.

3. Encourage Recipient Engagement
Entice recipients to show images, click the links and frequently open the email marketing campaigns sent to them. ISPs track these actions to judge whether people want your email and in turn, places messages in the inbox or the junk folder accordingly.

4. Write Clean Email Content
Many marketers often focus too much on their words and content when it comes to hoping to hit the inbox. This isn’t a wise or proven practice – and will hurt inbox placement.

These four tips will help improve email deliverability. Encourage recipients to double-check their junk filters the first time you send them an email campaign and to white list future messages. Modern spam filters adapt to users and do their best to keep messages they want in the inbox and keep the rest out.

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