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Do Bounces Really Affect Email Deliverability?

Posted by Nina Russo on Wed, Feb 08, 2012 @ 14:02 PM

Among the biggest concerns for permission email marketers today are email bounces. Your email deliverability is important because customer acquisition is expensive, and undeliverable emails could mean the loss of customers and prospects that you paid dearly to acquire.

In the real world, ISPs monitor and watch for IP addresses that continually send to bad mailboxes and get blocked due to complaints—and they will adjust your reputation accordingly.

There are two types of email bounces:Bounced Email Marketing Campaigns

1. Hard Bounce – this type of bounced email indicates a permanent email delivery failure. Some examples of a hard bounce would be sending an email marketing campaign to an inbox that does not exist or an email domain that does not exist.

2. Soft Bouncethis type of bounced email indicates a temporary email delivery failure. Soft bounces can be caused by sending an email marketing campaign to an inbox that is full or due to reputation issues with certain ISPs.

Here are a few tips for handling hard email bounces:

Maintain a Bounce Rate of 10 Percent or Less
The lower the number of hard bounces you receive from sending email marketing campaigns, the better your reputation will be with major ISPs.

Keep Suppression Lists of Hard Bounces
Maintain a high reputation no matter which email service provider use by importing hard bounce suppression lists.

Here are a few tips for handling soft email bounces:

Do Not Try Sending Too Soon
The effective rate of soft bounce retries is pretty low. Best practices suggest waiting between 1 and 2 weeks before you attempt to resend your email marketing campaign to a soft bounce email address.

Do Not Try Sending Too Often
To keep your reputation and email deliverability high, avoid sending too many email marketing campaigns to email addresses that bounce repeatedly.

To keep a handle on both hard and soft bounces, we recommend constant list hygiene and regular monitoring of email delivery reports. Sending to recent and active openers and clickers will keep your bounce rates low and your reputation and deliverability high.

Make sure that you impellent an email marketing solution, like Alert Solutions' WebLaunch™, is capable of processing bounces immediately and automatically, and then set it up to do so. Not only will your marketing lists stay lively and active, but as a practice, it identifies you as a legitimate and responsible sending.

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