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Is Send-Time a Factor in Achieving Mobile Marketing Success?

Posted by Nina Russo on Thu, Feb 23, 2012 @ 11:02 AM

Marketing aficionados have long emphasized send-time an important factor in achieving a successful email or voice broadcasting campaign, but what about SMS marketing? 

Could there in fact be a best time to send your SMS text messages?  Because most texts are read within minutes of delivery and many consumers clutch their mobile phones at all times, send time could have an effect on mobile marketing.

First, explore your target demographic.  A detailed analysis of your target audience could shed light into the best time of day to reach them.  Are they employed?  How old are they?  Utilize as much information that you know about your target audience with consideration to their schedules.

Another factor:  where do your recipients reside?  More obvious than not, you might not catch all of your subscribers at exactly the right time, so segment your list by location to standardize the time of the day each recipient will receive your SMS text messaging campaign.Achieve Mobile Marketing Success with Send Time Optimization

Next, review your website history.  What time of day is your website experiencing the most traffic?  If available, review multiple weeks of visit history to rule out any inconsistencies.

Furthermore, consider the performance of your email marketing campaigns.  Pinpointing the best time(s) for opens and clicks could translate into the best time to send your SMS text messaging campaigns as well.

Because of its level of intrusiveness, marketers need to be very sensitive to the time of day they are launching their mobile marketing campaigns.  Although they can be sent at any time, choosing the wrong time could make -or break- the performance of your campaign and your organization’s reputation.

For information on federal regulations regarding SMS text messaging campaigns, click here.

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