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Maximize Your Lead Generation Strategy with Multi-Channel Messaging

Posted by Nina Russo on Thu, Jun 28, 2012 @ 14:06 PM

How does your organization generate leads?  You may have multiple methods, but which strategy stands out by generating the most leads? 

There are several things you can do to maximize your lead generation funnel, whether by an existing method or new one.  A multi-channel messaging approach will help to maximize your lead generation potential. 

Let’s face it, your prospects are likely a dynamic bunch, each responding to certain communication channels more than others.  Deploying a multi-channel marketing campaign could help to increase the likelihood that you’ll engage each lead in the most effective manner.

One key to multi-channel messaging campaign deployment is communication preferences.  Simply put, ask your target audience which communication method they prefer to receive messages to. 

If asking is a little too forward for you, be analytical.  Evaluate which channels certain segments of your target audience have been more receptive to over time.  Focus those audience segments on those channels to yield the highest likelihood of a conversion, too!

Accordingly, your response rate will indicate who prefers which method of communication.  Start by deploying messages and even set up trigger campaigns that automatically send follow up messages based upon a recipient’s behavior. 

Trigger campaigns can be set up cross-channel, allowing you  deliver the right message at the right time, also, improving relevance.

For more multi-channel messaging tips and tricks to improve lead generation, download our Guide to Multi-Channel Trigger Campaigns today!

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