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Take Your Email Marketing Campaigns Personalization to the Next Level

Posted by Nina Russo on Thu, Jul 05, 2012 @ 12:07 PM

All businesses know the benefits of email marketing campaign personalization, but to what extent are your current personalization techniques actually making a difference? 

Even the most basic tactics such as mail merge have been adopted by spammers, so how can you accentuate your messages from the rest to perceive true one-on-one communication?

In this post, we’ll discuss four personalization techniques that will take your email marketing campaigns to the next level:

1. Does the recipient know who the email marketing campaign is from? Avoid sending
from email addresses such as “info@” or “support@”.  More often than not, recipients will be more likely to open an email from an actual human being, especially after that initial recognition has taken place. 

2. Reference the business relationship.  Personalize your email marketing campaign byEmail Marketing Campaign Personalization referencing the existing business relationship between you and recipient.  Retailers:  what was the last product or service that the recipient purchased?  What was the context the last time you touched-base with the recipient?  This level of personalization shows that your organization takes appreciation of the correspondence.

3. Tailor web forms and don’t underestimate trigger campaigns.  You want to acknowledge a new subscriber in a timely manner.  The first step is to create the most functional web form as possible.  The purpose is to capture as much information and learn as much as you can about the individual at the first possible opportunity.  Repeat some of the information in your trigger campaigns to show it’s been put to good use.

4. Maintain advanced list segmentation.  Continually, you need to send targeted and relevant email marketing communications.  This is perhaps one of the most tell-tale personalization techniques of all.  Is this content what the recipient signed up for?  Will this offer be relevant to them at this time?  It’s a gamble, but knowing as much as you can about your audience will help you to maintain effective list segmentation.

For more email marketing best practice tips and tricks, download our Targeted Marketing Guide to Personalization and Segmentation today!

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