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Boost Email Marketing Conversions with a Powerful Call to Action

Posted by Nina Russo on Fri, Oct 12, 2012 @ 12:10 PM

If your email marketing campaigns are not delivering the results you need to see, even after you conquer the challenges of email deliverability and list segmentation, the problem may lie with your call to action. 

The call-to-action (CTA) within your email marketing campaign impels your audience to “do something”.  It’s imperative not only for increased conversions, but for lead generation as well. By underestimating this feature’s conversion power, you’re missing opportunities to increase your website traffic − and your campaign revenues!

Below are a few email marketing best practice tips on how to get the most ROI from your Calls to Action.

Decisions, Decisions: Text Versus Graphic Call to Actions

  • Text Call to Actions - Text call to actions are great for when you need to include more information in your CTA. When using this format, make sure you change the text size, color and/or font to make it obvious to the email marketing recipient where they need to go and what they need to do to act.

  • Graphic Call to Actions - Graphic call to actions are usually more noticeable than text. They’re best used in HTML messages to compliment the visual nature of the email marketing campaign. Graphic call to actions must be clear and consistent with your message, and offer recipients an easy way to convert.

Location, Location, Location!Email Marketing Campaign Call to Action CTA
There is no right or wrong place to put your call to action, but make sure your CTA is noticeable within your email marketing campaign. Recipients need to be able to notice it and act within a few seconds of viewing the email. 

One is The Loneliest Number – Have More Than 1 CTA
You can use multiple call to actions in the same message, but make sure they don’t distract the recipient from the end game: conversion. Try to limit it to 3 and be sure to place them in different areas of your email marketing campaign.

Color Me Powerful
Visual design and color is very important in email marketing campaigns. However, the colors you choose should work with your overall brand, the layout of your message and the target audience you are communicating with. To get the maximum impact from your color scheme, try contrasting colors for the CTA so they are easy to notice.

Proportion More Important Than Size
Bigger isn’t always better − it’s proportion that matters! To make certain your CTA gets noticed, carefully separate it from the body text and make it stand out within the email marketing campaign. There should be a nice balance of “white” space, text and graphics and an easy path to your CTA, no matter what the size.

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