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Voice Broadcasting: 5 Questions to Ask Your Service Provider

Posted by Nina Russo on Tue, Jan 22, 2013 @ 13:01 PM

Are you searching for a voice broadcasting solution to automatically send outbound calls to customers and prospects?

If you’re a business seeking to connect with as many customers as possible in a more personal and consistent way, voice broadcasting is well worth considering.

Below are 5 questions you should considering asking before choosing a service provider:

1. FCC and TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act)
As you may know, the FCC recently toughened legislation on telemarketers, requiring explicit consent before calling regardless of the Do Not Call Registry. Additionally, telemarketers must give their recipients a quick and easy way to “opt-out” and automatically add their number to a Do Not Call list, much like CAN-SPAM required for email marketing campaigns. Ask what compliance tools your vendor offers.

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2. Voicemail Versus Live Answer5 Questions You Should Ask Yoru Voice Broadcasting Service Provider
The message you choose to use for your voice broadcasting campaign is very important in generating the results you desire. There are 2 types of voice campaign messages:

Transfer/Voicemail Option
This type of message will allow you to gauge your results the same day you broadcast.

No Transfer/Voicemail Option
This type of message is usually an announcement or promotional message and does not generate an immediate response.

Can your potential vendor tell the difference? Your voice broadcasting provider should enable you to deliver an alternative message for voicemails.

3. Interactive Voice Broadcasting Capabilities
Do you want an interactive voice broadcasting campaign? Interactive voice broadcasting campaigns allow recipients to listen to the voice message and use the phone’s keypad to interact with the system.  This option can work well in generating inbound leads, sending appointment reminders or clearing up miscommunications. Don’t forget to ask your potential vendor if they have interactive voice response (IVR) capabilities.

4. Best PracticesTips
Does your voice broadcasting provider care about your success? Ask for best practice tips and tricks and see what they offer. This valuable information can help optimize your voice broadcasting campaigns and benefit your business.

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5. Communication Silo or Communication Suite?
With a profound amount of technologies available to marketers these days, evaluating all of the options and buying tools that will actually benefit your effort is a tough challenge. Does this service provider only offer voice broadcasting services?

In the world of multi-channel marketing, disparate and siloed systems have led to inconsistent branding and disconnected marketing efforts across channels. Ask what else the voice broadcasting company does for companies in your industry. Deploying a multi-channel marketing campaign could help to increase the likelihood that you’ll engage each lead in the most effective manner.

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