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New to Mobile Marketing? 3 SMS Text Messaging Tips to Get You Started

Posted by Nina Russo on Fri, Mar 08, 2013 @ 12:03 PM

SMS text messaging has become the easiest form of mobile marketing. It is has been widely adopted by the majority of the U.S. population and is available on nearly all phones.

Mobile marketing campaigns need to be a large part of your communication strategy. But where do you start in mobile marketing if you haven’t tried it before? Many say SMS text messaging is the way to go.

SMS marketing helps you connect with your existing users, while also potentially enabling you to make new customers. Below are 3 useful tips to get you started if you’re new to SMS text message marketing:

1. Don’t Stuff Your SMS Text Message with Too Much Information
You have only 160 characters available to you to carry your message to customers. SMS Text Messaging Campaigns for Mobile Marketing160 characters is brief but powerful. Do not cram your promotional text with different sales pitches.

Instead, decide which offer would sound most attractive to your target audience and present them with it. You may find that performing list segmentation is a better way to approach your target audience with different SMS text messaging campaigns.

2. Make Your SMS Text Messages Actionable
Start your message with a direct call to action, rather than a long sentence. Because SMS text messages are character-limited, this will force you to have a well-defined call-to-action: what’s the purpose of the message? What is the value? What does the recipient need to do to take advantage?

The call to action is the more important piece of your SMS text messaging campaign. Use phrases like “Act Fast” or “Don’t Miss Out” to encourage recipients to respond quickly.

3. Send Your SMS Text Messages at The Right Time
Mobile users usually read their SMS’ immediately. Actually, according to studies, 90% of SMS text messages are read within minutes of delivery. This means of communication is instant, unlike email marketing campaigns, which can be opened long after it has reached the inbox.

Choose an appropriate time to send messages - ideally when you know your audience is not preoccupied. A detailed analysis of your target audience could shed light into the best time of day to reach them.  Are they employed?  How old are they?  Utilize as much information that you know about your target audience with consideration to their schedules.

For more best practice tips and tricks, download our Guide to SMS Text Messaging Success today!

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