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Struggling with Lead Generation? Use Voice Broadcasting Campaigns

Posted by Nina Russo on Thu, Mar 14, 2013 @ 15:03 PM

Lead generation is often a pain-point for businesses, but voice broadcasting campaigns provide a unique type of lead generation that has prospects calling you!

A voice broadcasting system empowers you to phone thousands of potential customers within moments without speaking directly to the recipient. It is also the preferred method of many successful businesses to generate leads by phone.

Cost effective and efficient, using voice broadcasting campaigns to reach potential customers can help improve sales, increase message deliverability and consistency as well as create an influx of inbound leads.

Below are some best practice tips to help you create an effective voice broadcasting campaign that can optimize lead generation for your business:

Choose Your Target AudienceLead Generation with Voice Broadcasting Campaigns
Many voice broadcasting services offer the ability perform list segmentation in order to better target your audience with more relevant messages.

Narrowly refining your target audience can be helpful your business when you’re delivering personalized messages. The more targeted your audience, the better results you will have from your voice broadcasting campaigns.

What other important questions should you ask your voice broadcasting service provider? Find them here.

Create Your Own Message
Get that lead! State the reason for your call in the first five or six words. Use the opening sentence of your voice broadcasting campaign to grab the recipient’s attention and generate more leads. The entire message should be less than 60 seconds, ideally between 30-40 seconds.

According to a 2012 statistic reported by the Associated Press, the average attention span of an adult plummeted from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds by 2012. With that said, your voice broadcasting campaign message needs to generate the interest of your audience INSTANTLY!

When you record your voice message, we suggest a friendly, relaxed tone. The recording should have good sound quality - no static, skips, and avoid long pauses. Make your calls sound conversational.

For more best practice tips on creating an effective voice broadcasting script, click here.

Encourage Instant Responses
Another great advantage to voice broadcasting campaigns is that you can encourage your audience to respond instantly. Propositioning recipients to interact with your voice broadcasting campaigns is a great way to keep your recipients engaged.

Perhaps you would like them to call a certain number to get more information.  Or better yet, press a key on their phone to be automatically connected to a sales person. Getting a response is the key to successful lead generation. Make it as easy as possible for your target audience to act.

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