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Patient Communication: The Importance of Post-Appointment Follow-up

Posted by Cassie Breen on Wed, Jul 03, 2013 @ 15:07 PM

It is evident that patient communication is extremely important for medical offices.  Not only does quality patient communication improve the patient experience, but will also increase patient retention.  However, quality patient communication is not only necessary while the patient is present in the office, but also following the appointment.

Medical offices continuously struggle to ensure good communication with the patient after their appointment.  This is a concern for both the medical office and the patient. For example, if communication is necessary post-appointment to relay lab results to the patient and the results are not communicated or done so in a timely manner, this could present the medical office with safety and liability concerns.

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In a recent Institute of Medicine report, “Crossing the Quality Chasm”, its examination of medical errors found that 55% of these errors are due to informational or personal miscommunication. Delivery of all lab results, even if they are not life-threatening, is an important part of improving patient care and patient satisfaction.  The medical office should also ensure the patient receives lab results in a timely manner. 

By using an automated messaging system, medical offices can ensure lab result notifications are sent to patients quickly and reliably.  Using automated messages for routine communication enables medical offices to free up staff from making these calls manually.  The delivery of these messages can also be tracked, ensuring the message was received and acknowledged by the patient.  Automated lab result notifications sent via email, voice and SMS text messaging can ensure the patient is receiving messages using their preferred communication methods. 

Automated lab result notifications also enable two-way communication between patients and medical offices.  With the use of a “hot key”, medical offices can give patients the option to be transferred to the necessary department or person if further information is needed or if they have questions.

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