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Create an Effective Voice Broadcasting Call Script – 3 Tips That Work

Posted by Philip Young on Thu, Aug 25, 2016 @ 11:08 AM

Voice broadcasting is an easy, consistent, and cost-effective way to communicate simultaneously with as many people as you see fit. 

It’s also a great sales and marketing strategy that can get prospective customers calling you, instead of the other way around!

Are you considering a voice broadcasting campaign? If so, you’ll need to start with an effective voice broadcasting call script.  We’ll discuss a few tips to get started in this blog post.

Tip #1: Consider Your Call Recipients
Who is your voice broadcasting campaign directed to?  There are many factors when it comes to your target audience that can help shape the way you put a voice broadcasting call script together.  Think about things like geographic location, spoken language, or even past interactions the recipient has had with your organization.  You can even manage different lists to create the most relevant content for each group.

Tip #2: Be Clear about the Call’s Purposevoiceicon.png
There’s only a few seconds to capture attention at the beginning of your voice broadcast.  Use that opportunity to clearly state who your organization is and the reason for the call.  Remember that there could be skepticism if this information isn’t apparent.

Tip #3: End With a Strong Call-to-Action (CTA)
This is it; the desired outcome of sending your voice broadcasting campaign in the first place.  If it’s to generate leads for a particular product or service, why not redirect call recipients back to your office with a Hot Key transfer?  As long as your call-to-action is clear, your recipients will be more likely to follow it.

Regardless of how your script is worded, don’t forget that automated voice broadcasting is highly regulated by the FCC.  Check out this blog post for compliance information.

Download our Voice Broadcasting Guide for more best practice tips and tricks!

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