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Creating an SMS Marketing Campaign? Don’t Forget a Short Code!

Posted by Philip Young on Thu, Feb 09, 2017 @ 09:02 AM

SMS text messaging is a powerful communication method for organizations.  It’s a direct channel to subscribers’ mobile phones and, with 90% of messages read within minutes of delivery, the fastest way to get your message received.

Regardless of what the SMS text message conveys, organizations increasingly rely on short codes to send out their SMS marketing campaigns. Here’s why:smsshortcode-1.png

1. Short codes can be shared or dedicated. Either or, they both have benefits.  This flexibility allows organizations to choose the best option based on their budget, timeline and availability.

2. They are more easily remembered than long codes. With a short code, subscribers can more easily associate your identity over time by remembering a simple short code rather than a long (10-digit) code.  This helps with branding and reputation.

3. Messages sent by short codes have better deliverability. Mobile phone carriers have to vet and approve short codes for use over their networks.  Because of all this time, effort and licensing, SMS text messages sent this way are more trusted and likely to be delivered to recipients.

4. They make your SMS marketing campaign more reputable. Consumers are used to receiving all sorts of text messages.  A short code will make your SMS marketing campaign appear more credible, causing less people to opt-out.

Always Keep in Mind:  SMS text messaging is regulated by the FCC’s TCPA to protect individuals from unwanted and intrusive SMS text messages.  You need consent from each recipient in order to send out a SMS marketing campaign.

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