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Engage Your Subscribers this Holiday Season with SMS Text Messaging - 4 Tips

Posted by Philip Young on Thu, Dec 15, 2016 @ 10:12 AM

This is crunch time for businesses looking to engage last-minute holiday shoppers.  With only 10 days until Christmas, your list of SMS text messaging subscribers could be the most direct and responsive segment.

Why the most direct and responsive?  Over 90% of SMS text messages are read within minutes of delivery!

For businesses looking to increase conversions and engagement before the holiday season passes by, check out the following last-minute SMS text messaging tips:holidaysmscampaign.png

1. Point Them to Other Marketing Campaigns.
SMS text messaging is a great tool for getting information out fast.  With high open rates, it’s the quickest way of directing subscribers to other marketing channels or promotions as desired.  For example, send a tracking link for a product page on your website or request email addresses for a coupon code.

2. Make Your Target Audience Feel Special.
90% of SMS loyalty program subscribers find their subscription valuable, Digital Marketing Magazine said.  Keep up this momentum with special offers that only your mobile marketing list can receive via SMS text messaging.  If an offer can be retrieved without opting-in by mobile number, what’s the point?

3. Pick The Right Send-Time.
Send-time is absolutely a contributing factor in mobile marketing campaign success.  Though there’s not a lot of time before the holiday season is over, you’ll still want to be careful about how and when to send your SMS text messages. 

BONUS Alert Solutions Tip! Segment by time zone.

4. Nurture for Year-Round Loyalty.
Why stop engaging after the New Year?  TotalRetail reminds us to leverage SMS text messaging to initiate deeper relationships with subscribers for better engagement and loyalty – all year round.

With careful planning, there’s still time to engage those last minute holiday shoppers.

Want more tips?  Download the Alert Solutions Guide to SMS Text Messaging!

Guide to SMS Text Messaging Success

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