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Expand Lead Generation Techniques with Automated Voice Broadcasting Campaigns

Posted by Philip Young on Thu, Nov 05, 2015 @ 11:11 AM

Generating quality leads is often a struggle for organizations.  But with automated voice broadcasting, leads can call your sales team directly instead of the other way around.

By reaching out to multiple prospects simultaneously, it’s said that voice broadcasting campaigns offer a response rate three times greater than that of other marketing channels.

See for yourself!  Use the following steps to quick-start lead generation with automated voice broadcasting:

1. Select your call recipients

Choose your audience wisely and legally.  You will want to send voice broadcasts to recipients that find your message relevant and timely to their wants and needs. 

2. Create a solid voice broadcasting script

Many providers offer text-to-speech translation as well as the ability to record a script in your own familiar voice.  Best practice says that automated voice broadcasts should be kept to a length of 30 seconds or less.

3. Choose the right time to send

The success of a voice broadcast depends largely on the day and time you choose to send your call.  Voicemail answers are a good bet in the middle of the day, while live answers are most likely from 6-8pm local time. 

4. Give leads the opportunity to respond

A “hot key” is a good tool that allows call recipients to press a button on their touch-tone phone and be redirected back to your sales team. Last, but certainly not least: Know the rules and regulations

Voice broadcasting requires explicit consent from all recipients you intend on sending a call to.  Penalties for non-compliance can add up quick: $500 to $1,500 for each unsolicited call.

>>Download Alert Solutions’ Voice Compliance Fact Sheet<< 

Alert Solutions can help your organization get started with voice broadcasting the right way.  To learn more, download our Voice Broadcasting Brochure today!


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