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‘Going Green’ in K-12 Schools - 4 Projects You Can Start Today

Posted by Nina Caliri on Tue, Mar 24, 2015 @ 11:03 AM

While it’s a great idea to use Earth Day to help students understand the importance of ’going green’, it’s also vital to encourage students to be environmentally conscious throughout the year.

From turning off lights in the classroom to students riding their bike to school, there are ‘going green’ initiatives that can work for everyone. This post includes 4 exciting ‘going green’ projects k-12 schools can try throughout the school year.

1. Start a Student-Run Recycling Club
First, educate students, teachers and staff members what materials can and cannot be recycled. Then, ensure each classroom, copy room and office has at least one recycling bin in it. Have students volunteer to collect and empty the recycling bins in specific rooms.
2. Compost Lunch Scrapsschoolsgogreen1
Some schools are ‘going green’ by finding an environmental use for the waste created by school lunches.  These schools place a separate trash bin in lunch rooms for food waste specifically.  These scraps are sent to a compost heap where they are churned into nutrient-enriched dirt that farmers or landscape architects can buy.
3. Take an Environmentally Informative Field Trip
Field trips are another great way to help students become more environmentally conscious. Some environmentally informative field trip ideas could include:
  • Local Landfill
  • Recycling Center
  • Organic Farm
  • Alternative Energy Plant
4. Go Paperless!paperlessschools
Did you know k-12 schools, on average, use about 250,000 pieces of paper each year? To help reduce their reliance on paper, many k-12 schools are adopting digital communication initiatives like email, voice calls and SMS text messages. In addition to ‘going green’ and reducing paper use, digital notification systems like Alert Solutions can also tell school administrators if these messages were actually read!

Interested in using digital communication to go paperless at your school? Download our electronic brochure today to learn more!

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