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Good Patient Engagement Equals Optimal Health Outcomes – 3 Reasons Why

Posted by Philip Young on Thu, Sep 22, 2016 @ 11:09 AM

According to a Health Affairs policy briefing, patients that stay actively engaged with their own health experience better results and lower costs. 

This connection makes patient engagement such a strong focus that healthcare providers are finding creative new ways to educate patients about their conditions, as well as involving them more in decisions about their care.

But how does good patient engagement lead to optimal health outcomes?  Simply put, patients with high engagement:

  • Are more proactive. Rather than a reactive approach, patients who are engaged with their own health are shown to take quick initiative when talking to their doctor and seeking care.PatientAndDoctor.jpg
  • Have better medication adherence. With good patient engagement comes understanding, and these patients realize the effects of day-to-day decisions on their overall health.  This is why they’re more likely to follow the doctor’s orders.
  • Tend to be more invested. Because engaged patients are more involved in their health care decisions, they are more devoted to attending their appointments, filling their prescriptions and anything else possible to get the best health outcome possible.

Something else to consider: Athena Health pointed out that patient health outcomes can be further improved through the implementation of an effective patient communication solution. Automated patient messaging is a big factor of this solution.

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