Increase Patient Satisfaction with Follow-Up Notifications

From the time the patient enters the medical practice until the time they leave, there needs to be optimal communication between the patient and medical staff. But what happens after the patient leaves? 

Although the patient is not face-to-face with medical staff, there should still be communication post appointment.  This follow-up communication is imperative for maximizing patient satisfaction and acheiving optimal patient retention.

Two uses of automated follow-up notifications that will benefit you practice includes:

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1. Medical Adherence:  

Ensure  the patient has filled any prescribed medications, understands theirmedications and is taking the medication properly. 

2. Lab Result Notifications:  Follow-up lab result notifications can guarantee that all lab results are delivered to the patient quickly and reliably.  The delivery of these messages can also be tracked, ensuring the message was both received and acknowledged by the patient.

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