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Improve Patient Engagement at Your Medical Practice with the Help of Social Media

Posted by Sarah Autore on Thu, Sep 21, 2017 @ 14:09 PM

Patients who are more engaged in their health tend to have higher patient satisfaction rates and experience better health outcomes. But finding the time and resources to implement patient engagement strategies can be a challenge for busy medical practices.

Many healthcare providers are now turning to social media as an effective and budget-friendly way to increase patient engagement. Consider these 3 ways social media can improve patient engagement at your medical practice.

1. Improve Patient Engagement by Sharing Resources
socialmedia.jpgGood patient engagement continues outside of the exam room. Reaching patients in their everyday lives, instead of just during office visits, increases their levels of patient engagement and patient satisfaction. Over 70% of patients turn to the internet for health information, but don’t always find reliable sources. Social media platforms allow you to become a reliable source, all while building credibility for your practice and educating patients about their health.

2. Improve Patient Engagement by Building Patient Trust
Most patients visit their healthcare provider only several times per year. Consistent social media updates can keep your medical practice top of mind and achieve a new level of trust and patient satisfaction year round. In addition to sharing health-related information, also consider sharing practice updates. Providing a regular look inside your medical practice will create more engaged patients focused on getting more out of their healthcare.

3. Improve Patient Engagement by Increasing Patient Communication
Social media can also serve as an effective patient retention tool. While patient communication solutions are the most effective way to keep patients coming back, your medical practice will also benefit from the ability to quickly share a social post reminding patients about seasonal services. For example, consider sharing a reminder that flu season has begun and you are available for vaccinations.

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