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Improving Patient Retention at Your Medical Practice - 3 Ways the Front Office Staff Can Help

Posted by Sarah Autore on Thu, Oct 12, 2017 @ 15:10 PM

You’ve heard it a million times – patient satisfaction is the key to a successful medical practice. Your levels of patient satisfaction are a key indicator of patient retention – without which, your medical practice will suffer.

It’s vital for medical practices today to place importance on maintaining patient retention, as obtaining new patients costs five times as much. In an environment where an increasing number of medical practices are looking to do more and spend less, it’s also important to consider patient retention methods that are cost effective.

You might not need to look much further than your front office staff to achieve this. That’s because studies show high quality patient care is not the only driver of patient retention. In fact, front office staff has been shown to play a crucial role in turning new patients into return patients.

3 important patient retention factors your front office staff is responsible for:

1. First (and Last) Impressions
Your patients expect a positive experience from the moment they step foot in your medical practice. However, the most important impression is probably the last one. Patients often come out of the exam room with questions, concerns, and the need for follow up. Encourage your front office staff to address them happily and efficiently in order to leave your patient with a good lasting impression.

2. Effective Patient Communication
Many medical practices struggle with finding time to implement effective patient
 medical reception.jpgcommunication strategies, but good patient communication is proven to increase patient satisfaction. While digital patient communication tools are vastly on the rise, one of the most effective patient communication methods is still face-to-face interaction. Your front office staff is crucial to forging an impactful personal connection with your patients.

3. Adequate Patient Follow-Up
Patient experience does not end when the patient leaves your medical practice. Automated patient communication solutions enable your front office staff to follow-up with patients in a timely manner and ensure their needs are met until their next appointment. Bonus: Automating follow-up processes like appointment reminders and lab result notifications have also been proven to free up front office staff time – giving them more opportunity to focus directly on the patient.  

We can help! Alert Solutions helps medical practices send important patient communications through email, voice, and text. To learn more about improving patient retention through effective patient communication, download our brochure today!

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