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Increase Tenant Safety This Winter Season - 3 Tips for Property Managers

Posted by Sarah Autore on Thu, Dec 14, 2017 @ 13:12 PM

The winter season provides many opportunities for cold-weather hazards and safety threats to property managers and tenants. The good news is that many winter-related issues can be prevented through ample preparation and efficient tenant communication.

Consider the following tenant safety tips for your property this winter season:

1. Establish a Snow Removal Plansnowremovalproperty.png
Snow and ice are perhaps the biggest
tenant safety winter hazard, especially if you live in the 
Northeast. However, even small amounts of snow in uncommon areas like the South and West Coast have proven to shut cities down due to lack of preparation. No matter your geographic location, being prepared for snowy conditions at your property will keep tenants safe and increase tenant satisfaction. Have a plan in place and inform residents ahead of time how snow and ice removal will be taken care of throughout the property.

2. Educate Tenants on Winter Property Guidelines
Sometimes the winter sneaks up on us, seemingly appearing out of nowhere and leaving many property managers scrambling to prepare. At the the first sign of chill, be proactive and provide your tenants with some winter tenant safety reminders. Threats like carbon monoxide, power outages, bursting pipes, and issues due to open flames from a fireplace or candle are all common tenant safety issues during the winter. Consider communicating with tenants about your guidelines surrounding these hazards, and provide advice on what they can do to prepare.

3. Have a Tenant Notification System in Place
Having a tenant communication plan in place during the winter months will alleviate a lot of stress for both property managers and tenants alike. Especially during the winter, the ability to reach all tenants quickly in case of an emergency or to provide updates during a storm is essential to tenant safety, tenant retention and tenant satisfaction. The best way to ensure tenant safety is to clearly communicate all rules, guidelines, and updates to your tenants through their preferred communication methods.

Alert Solutions can help you automate tenant communication easily and effectively through email, voice, and SMS text messaging. To learn more, download our best practice guide today.

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