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Looking for the Best Tenant Communication Method? Here are 4 Options

Posted by Philip Young on Thu, Dec 08, 2016 @ 11:12 AM

Property managers that have effective tenant communication quickly resolve issues and pave the way for higher tenant retention and tenant satisfaction. With all of the communication options available, it’s easier than ever for property managers and renters keep in touch on a regular basis.

Below, we review the plusses and minuses of four tenant communication methods commonly used by property managers and their staff.  Could you communicate better with your own tenants?multichanneloptions.png

1. Email
+ It’s easy to keep a log of dialogue that occurs back and forth, in case any issues come up.
- Email is such a popular tenant communication stream that important messages could get buries in the inbox.

2. Voice
+ A clear and consistent voice message is delivered to tenants each time, and can even be translated into multiple languages.
- If a call is not answered live by the tenant, this could result in a delay of notification if there’s a critical issue.

3. SMS Text Messaging
+ Studies show that 90% of text messages are read within minutes of delivery, ensuring tenants get the message as fast as possible.
- Not all of your tenants may have mobile phones or service plans that allow for unlimited SMS text messaging.

4. Snail Mail
+ This could be preferred for formal documentation such as leases or rent payment, or if tenants do not have mobile phones or internet access.
- Sending mail consumes paper, ink and postage that could otherwise be avoided through other methods of tenant communication. Plus, going paperless could possibly attract more considerate tenants.

Remember:  Regardless of which tenant communication method you prefer, everyone has a different communication preference.  A multi-channel approach with the help of Alert Solutions is the best way to accommodate all of your tenants and communicate effectively.

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