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Make Your Email Marketing Campaigns More Effective This Year - 10 Tips

Posted by Philip Young on Thu, Jan 19, 2017 @ 10:01 AM

Email remains to be a powerful marketing channel used by organizations of all sizes to communicate with their customers and prospects.  But because email marketing is so prevalent, yours can always use improvement to stand out from the inbox crowd.

We’ve laid-out 10 tips you can use to make your email marketing campaigns more effective in the New Year:

Tip #1Don’t forget to optimize for mobile phones. Many emails are read exclusively from mobile devices so templates and forms should be mobile-friendly for conversion.

Tip #2 Personalize email marketing campaigns to be relevant to each recipient.  Emails that don’t resonate with a person’s interests or pain points can be discarded easily.emailtips.png

Tip #3 Check settings and make email marketing campaigns appear as being sent from an actual person.  64% of email recipients check the sender’s name before opening, according to CIO.

Tip #4Be thoughtful and send emails at the right time.  B2C email marketers find that evenings are best on weekdays, with consideration given to the recipient’s time zone.  B2B emails are different.

Tip #5 Make sure you email marketing campaign has a noticeable and actionable call-to-action (CTA). You want to direct the recipient to “do something”, even if it’s enticing them to learn more on your website.

Tip #6 A/B test different subject lines to sample sets of subscribers to see which is received best.  Alternatively, you can resend email marketing campaigns to those that don’t open with a different subject line.

Tip #7 Preview in different email clients and abbreviate subject lines as needed.  Content that is clipped may be looked-over by your subscribers.

Tip #8 Try plain text emails or emails with very little images and hyperlinks.  These can appear more personalized like a one-off email message.

Tip #9 Reduce unsubscribe requests and allow subscribers to manage their own preferences. This can be segmented into email marketing campaign categories or time frames so recipients can still be connected at their leisure.

Tip #10 Take a close look at all reports and statistics.  The insight into who is opening, who is clicking links and who is bouncing back can enhance the quality of your marketing lists and future email marketing campaign results.

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