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Now’s the Time! Plan Your Holiday Email Marketing Strategy

Posted by Philip Young on Thu, Oct 27, 2016 @ 10:10 AM

With less than one month until Black Friday, email marketers aren’t wasting any time preparing their holiday email marketing strategies. 

But wasn’t it just summer?!  We know how you feel…

Nevertheless, an early jumpstart on holiday email marketing campaigns will have them in good shape and ready to send off by winter. To help, we’ve put together 3 questions to evaluate in the planning stages:

1. What Offer(s) Will You Promote in Your Email Marketing Campaigns?
Email marketing recipients will be interested to see your best holiday offers and discounts. Exclusive sales could keep you top-of-mind, build loyalty and turn holiday customers into repeat buyers all year round.

2. When Will You Send Your Email Marketing?holidayemailmarketing.png
Inbox competition will be tough – especially around the holiday season.  Your emails will be in-line with many others, making send time is an important consideration.  HubSpot says that emails sent on weekends enjoy high open and click rates.  The same is true for email marketing campaigns sent during week night evenings.

3. Who Will Receive Your Email Marketing Campaigns? 
List segmentation and marketing relevance is just as important for your holiday email marketing campaigns as any other time of year.  You want to present recipients with offers that make them think you understand their wants and preferences.  Take extra time now to thoughtfully segment your list.

BONUS TIP: Don’t procrastinate!  Start putting together your holiday email marketing campaigns now so you’re ready to relax when the holidays come.

Alert Solutions’ Holiday Email Marketing Best Practice Kit has many other tips and tricks you can read early-on.

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