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Patient-Preferred Communication Methods Depend on Message, Says Survey

Posted by Philip Young on Thu, Apr 16, 2015 @ 12:04 PM

Patients today receive several types of reminder messages from their healthcare provider. They are sent for various reasons: upcoming appointments, recall notices, and collection reminders – to name a few.

As part of Meaningful Use Stage 2, “eligible professionals” are required to send these reminder messages as needed.

But did you know that patients prefer different methods of communication for different types of reminders? That’s according to results of a FICO survey administered to over 2,000 patients in 14 countries.

You may be surprised to see what types of communication methods patients prefer for each. Here are the results:

Appointment Reminders:DoctorMobileApp-1
41% - Voice
33% - Email  12% - SMS Text Message 

Recall Reminders:
40% - Email
23% - Voice
13% - Snail Mail
Medication Reminders:
54% - No reminder!
18% - Email
15% - Text Message
It’s important to remember that not all patients are the same. Yours could be different!
Does your medical practice currently send reminder messages using patient-preferred communication methods? If not, here are some tips:

1. Check Your Patient Portal. Some patient portals allow patients to select and update their communication preferences whenever they need to! 

2. Ask Patients Directly. Many medical practices now ask patients on check-in forms during an office visit. This allows the patient to choose the type(s) of messaging that meets their communication needs.
Sending reminder messages using patient-preferred communication makes a positive impact on patient satisfaction.
For more patient communication tips, download our best practice guide here.

Download the Patient Communication Best Practice Guide!

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