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Perfect Your SMS Marketing Strategy for the Holiday Season

Posted by Nina Caliri on Thu, Nov 17, 2016 @ 13:11 PM

The holiday season is usually one of the busiest seasons for brands and consumers alike. Consumers are always looking for promotions or sales and are willing to spend money when they come across a good deal.

A great way to engage your target audience and reach them directly is by leveraging SMS marketing. Here are some of the benefits of SMS text messaging:mobilepromo.jpg

  • SMS text messages have a very high open rate. Nearly 98% of SMS text messages are read within 15 minutes!
  • Since SMS text messages have a character limit of 160, SMS marketing campaigns tend to have more precise information.

Like any other marketing campaign, SMS marketing needs to be part of your overall marketing strategy.

Here are 3 tips to ensure you’re prepared for the holiday season:

1. Structuring Your SMS Text Messaging Content
Always put the most important part of your content in the beginning of the SMS text message. This will grab their attention right away!

2. Leveraging Your Current Marketing Communication Channels
Your email marketing campaign list is a great way to introduce your SMS marketing campaign. You can easily encourage email marketing subscribers to sign up to receive SMS text messages.

3. Building an Exclusive Opt-In SMS Marketing List
Telling a consumer they’re part of an ‘exclusive group’ makes them feel special and valued. Ask your target audience to join an Exclusive SMS Program and send them promotions that are only available via SMS text messaging.

Are you planning on incorporating SMS text messaging in your marketing strategy this holiday season? Let us know!

Guide to SMS Text Messaging Success

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