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School Safety Bans You’ll Have to Read to Believe

Posted by Tara Gibson on Mon, Feb 25, 2019 @ 10:02 AM

K-12 schools and districts across the country do everything they can to keep students, teachers, and administrators safe. With the frightening rise of violence in schools over the past few years, it’s no surprise that school safety is a key topic for educators.

Parents and students should both be aware of what you can and cannot bring onto school property. Depending on the area you live in, these are subject to change. Some of the most common school safety bans include: 

  • Guns & Weapons
    This school safety ban speaks for itself. No school wants any potentially harmful weapons brought onto school campuses, as they can cause injury or death to students, faculty, and others in the vicinity of the school.
    Drug Free School Zone
  • Drugs & Alcohol
    Drugs and alcohol are illegal substances that are never allowed on school premises.

  • Bullying & Cyberbullying
    Bullying in any form is always a school safety concern. Bullying and cyberbullying can have detrimental effects on a student’s well-being and is a commonly battled issue in many K-12 school districts.

  • Gang Affiliation & Violence
    Another common school safety ban is the affiliation to any gangs in the area. Gang affiliation often relates to violence, which is always prohibited in schools.

Communicating these school safety bans is easy to do with an effective school notification system. Sharing a list of the banned items along with a brief explanation to parents keeps them informed and engaged with their child’s education. A commonly discussed topic covered by Alert Solutions is the importance of parental involvement, as it is shown to improve student performance, student behavior, and reduce bullying incidents.

Most schools have effective bans in place related to school safety, but others have some interesting school bans that raise some questions, and certainly some eyebrows.

6 Interesting School Safety Bans

  • Bottled Water
    Some of you may remember the flipping water bottles craze that swept the nation back in 2016. Many students were flipping water bottles throughout classes which resulted in bottle flipping bans, and at least 2 schools completely banned plastic water bottles as they caused so many distractions.

  • The Dictionary
    Yes, believe it or not, the dictionary was banned. This happened in a school in California when a parent complained the book contains references to inappropriate behaviors. According to Business Insider, “the ban didn't last long — days later, teachers and administrators voted to bring the dictionaries back into the classrooms. As a compromise, they sent students home with permission slips so objecting parents could opt for their students to use to a different dictionary.”

  • High Fives, Tag, Holding Hands and Hugs
    In some K-12 schools across the country, hugs were deemed an inappropriate form of touching and a bill was passed in Tennessee claiming hand-holding was a gateway to sexual activity, which caused school wide bans of both. Tag and high fives were also considered to be dangerous, which led to schools bans as well.

  • Yoga Pants
    Some schools consider yoga pants to be too revealing, and an apparent distraction, so they are steadily being banned from dress codes in many schools. School-aged girls are opting to wear yoga pants as the new comfortable replacement to sweatpants. According to TeachHub, “a school in Rockport, MA, sent home 20 female students when they showed up in the banned apparel.”

  • Red Ink
    This school ban applies more to teachers than students. Business Insider shares “the sight of red ink became so jarring that several schools in England banned teachers from using it in the 2000s. Many of them hoped that by forcing teachers to make their corrections in other colors, it would soften the stigma of making a mistake.” Red ink was considered to be de-motivating and have negative connotations.

  • Ugg Boots
    When cell-phones were widely banned in many schools, students would hide them inside their Ugg boots to sneak them into classes. This led to a Pennsylvania school banning Ugg boots on campus to prevent students from using them to secretly store their phone.

Although some of the above interesting school safety bans are slightly ridiculous, schools take the well being of their students very seriously.

At Alert Solutions, school safety is extremely important. We work with many schools that use our SwiftK12 school notification platform for school safety purposes. An emergency can happen at any time without warning, which is why having a reliable way to communicate is key. If there is a danger on school grounds, administrators are able to alert parents, students, and faculty quickly with ease using their preferred communication method.

For more school safety tips, download our guide below.

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