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Self-Care Compliance Depends on Patient Communication Preferences

Posted by Philip Young on Thu, Aug 11, 2016 @ 10:08 AM

It’s challenging to keep patients engaged with their health between office visits.  Whether taking prescribed medications or following a special diet, complying with self-care instructions leads to fewer complications, lower costs, and better health outcomes for patients.

What’s the secret to self-care compliance?  Patient communication preferences!receptionist.jpg

As an example, research showed that:

  • 43% of patients polled prefer to receive a voice call
  • 25% prefer an email
  • 70% find the use of a patient portal to be convenient

Not all patients are the same, so yours may have different patient communication preferences.

What’s the best way to determine patient communication preferences?  Simply ask during the check-in process.  Collect updated contact information during each office visit and any necessary consent needed for messaging channels.

Since up to 80% of self-care medical mistakes are blamed on poor communication, leverage patients’ preferred methods of contact to improve self-care adherence.

Don’t forget: Your patients may prefer different contact methods depending on the type of message that’s being received.  Check out this blog post for the stats.

Alert Solutions provides medical practices the tools they need to keep in touch with patients in their preferred methods of contact.

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